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For many, transitioning from military life is one of the hardest tasks. Below are a few helpful resources to aid in transition.

Adjusting to life after the military includes connecting to people that don’t have the same experiences, providing basic necessities and creating structure. Here are a few helpful links that might ease the change to civilian life.

Planning for Life after Discharge 

Transition to Civilian Life

Many people go straight to the military after high school which presents unique challenges when seeking a job after discharge. A veteran may have never created a resume or applied for a job but likely has a multitude of transferrable skills. This article about Employment for Service Members gives great insight on how to translate military skills to a civilian job and much more.

This transition, paired with the stressors of serving in the military can take a toll on anyone. If you are a veteran feeling anxious or alone, there are people that can help. Call the US Department of Veteran Affairs Crisis Hotline if you need help or know someone that does.

All too often, people turn to drugs or other substances in order to deal with trauma and further stressors. There are numerous resources available to help those struggling with substance abuse or feeling overwhelmed by the aftermath of military service. These two websites are a great place to start.