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Winter Slip & Fall

While slip & falls can happen any time of year, the winter season seems to create the most problems. Snow and ice should always be approached with caution, not only on our roadways, but on our walkways too.

We can’t always choose to stay inside. Sometimes we need to get from point A to point B by foot. This means we must take the necessary precautions to stay safe and avoid slip & falls, the results of which could be long-lasting.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Wear Proper Footwear

Check your weather forecast before you leave the house, and find footwear that matches. Slip-resistant shoes or boots are best for combating slick ice patches, slushy snow, or even freezing rain. Preparation is key.

  1. Slow Down

While life tends to move at a rapid pace, we need to remind ourselves to walk a little slower to ensure our safety. Allow yourself more time, and always walk with caution. Black-ice can do a great deal of damage to a car, so don’t underestimate what it’s capable of on our sidewalks and other public walkways.

  1. Stay Hands Free

Again, while our busy lives are filled with multi-tasking as part of our routine, snow and ice doesn’t discriminate. This means that we are more likely to slip & fall when we’re distracted by the cellphone in our hand, texting as we walk. Even beyond the distraction the phone adds to the equation, ANY item we’re holding limits us from being able to catch or stabililize ourselves in the event of a slip & fall.

  1. Watch Your Step, Especially Out of Vehicles

While cars certainly aren’t invincible to snow or ice, they may be better equipped to handle slick spots than your standard footwear. Therefore, you’ll want to look before you step, especially when entering and exiting your vehicle. Take it slow, and be sure that you’ve gathered your grip or footing before completely exiting or entering the vehicle. This is a problem area for many people in slip & fall situations, and more often than not, it could have been avoided by simply slowing down and assessing our surroundings and conditions before we get ahead of ourselves.

If you find yourself in a slip & fall situation and suspect that negligent maintenance by a home or business owner may have contributed to your injuries, contact McCoy, Hiestand & Smith today. We’ll review the details of your slip & fall case and work to get you the help and compensation you deserve.

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