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work from home

In an effort to “flatten the curve” many people are now working from home. In addition to people having to complete their regular work duties many are also homeschooling their children in the wake of the coronavirus. With added distractions people are finding working from home to be quite difficult.

Here are a few tips to increase productivity and make working from home as enjoyable as possible.

  1. Work Space

Have a designated space to work from. Propping your laptop up while you snuggle in bed might seem like a great idea but it’s not conducive to productivity.

  1. Stay on Schedule

Sleeping in may be fabulous on the weekends but it can throw your whole day off if you continue catching extra z’s during the week. Wake up near your normal time in order to keep a regular work schedule.

  1. Time Management

Without anyone to keep you on task it may be tempting to do projects around the house or get some tv time in but don’t forget your work still needs to get done. It may be helpful to create a list each morning of what you need to complete that day or follow a set schedule that allows time for work and breaks.

  1. Set Rules

This can be especially difficult when your children are also home with you but setting rules can help to prevent issues.

  1. Over Communicate

This tip applies to both your family and your colleagues. Working from home means everyone needs to know your schedule and when you’re planning to work in order to be respectful of that.

  1. Stay Connected

Working from home can sometimes feel isolated, especially if you’re used to chatting with coworkers every day. You can avoid this feeling by having daily video conference meetings, forgo the agenda on a few just to get some face time with people!

  1. Be Positive

A forced change in your routine is bound to cause anxiety and frustration for many people but it’s important to look at the positives of the situation.


Helping your neighbor and slowing the spread of COVID-19 is as simple as staying home!