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Spring is here and the sun is shining which means you’re probably seeing dirt in your house that you didn’t realize was there. After months of being cooped up during Kentucky’s wet winter our homes are bound to be filled with unwanted dirt and bacteria. While cleaning usually ranks pretty low on everyone’s list of enjoyable activities it does offer many benefits.

Deep cleaning is essential to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

If you live in the Ohio River Valley then you’re no stranger to seasonal allergies. Areas with carpeting, upholstery or bedding, or generally damp areas like basements and garages can be a breeding ground for allergens if they aren’t kept clean. Dust mites, pet dander and mold can lurk in your home, which can trigger allergic reactions, decrease air quality and increase potential asthma problems. A deep cleaning every spring can remove these allergens.

Spring cleaning is a great way to change the environment inside your home. Opening windows to let fresh air in can actually improve the humidity and change the oxygen balance. Even sunlight coming in through the windows can help clean the air in your house.

Keeping pests away can be as simple as keeping a tidy home.

Bugs and rodents can multiply and easily hide in messy homes. They are attracted to liquid spills, food debris and dirty pet bowls. Pests spread disease, bacteria, germs and allergies.

Cleaning has mental benefits as well.

  • Increases Activity: Endorphins are released as a result of increased heart and respiratory rates. Spring cleaning can give you some of the same mental health benefits as physical exercise like running or biking.
  • Reduces stress: Looking at the clutter in your home can bring on the anxiety of incomplete tasks. When you declutter, you’re setting yourself up for more relaxed, stress-free living.
  • Invites a fresh start: Sometimes, mental health issues seem overwhelming, like you’re stuck in a rut. When your house looks different, decluttered and clean, you feel a greater ability to change the state of your mental health as well.

Regularly cleaning your home makes it a safer environment to live in.

Falling is the leading cause of accidental home deaths; claiming nearly 6,000 lives per year, according to the Home Safety Council. Home fires and burns claim more than 3,000 lives a year, making it the third-leading cause of accidental home injury deaths.

Setting a specific time to clean your house and declutter is essential to the safety of your home. Clutter is a fire hazard and may lead to falls. Unnecessary items in halls or doorways can accelerate the spread of fire and hinder your ability to get to safety during a fire.


Now that you know all the benefits of a deep cleaning session you may be asked yourself what it entails. Here’s a list of the spring cleaning basics you should implement in every room of your home.

  • Declutter – donate or throw away anything you haven’t used in the past year
  • Wipe down light fixtures and dust lamp shades
  • Wash walls and baseboards
  • Disinfect doors and knobs
  • Wipe down switch plates
  • Clean registers and vents
  • Deep clean floors and carpets
  • Wipe down blinds and window sills
  • Wash curtains
  • Wash windows and screens

While many people think of the bathroom as the most germ filled room in the house, it’s actually your kitchen!

  • Clean out and organize all cabinets, drawers, and pantry
  • Wipe down cabinet fronts and counter
  • Clean all appliances inside and out

For your bathroom, use the first list of spring cleaning basics but also remember to clean the shower head and scrub the toilet with bleach.

One basic rule of thumb for yearly spring cleaning – if it can be cleaned, do it! Wash anything that can be washed and wipe down anything that can’t. The benefits of keeping a clean house are endless and there aren’t any negative side effects, so what are you waiting for?

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