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Legal news affects our everyday lives, whether we notice it or not. Here’s a summary of a few of this month’s major cases.

University of Kentucky Denied Women’s Sports, Violating Title IX, Alleges Lawsuit

Two students from the University of Kentucky have filed a lawsuit over the school’s lack of women’s sports. The complaint alleges the university has violated Title IX by denying women field hockey, lacrosse and triathlon teams. The plaintiffs allege their request was denied by the athletics department, Title IX office, Capilouto’s office and the Board of Trustees.

Class Claims Filed in Illinois Federal Court over Breast Implant Cancer Risk

On September 20, 2019, class claims were filed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois against breast implant manufacturer Allergan alleging that the defendant’s BIOCELL textured saline- and silicone-filled breast implants cause an increased risk of developing breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (“BIA-ALCL”).

Man Sues Juul, Says He Was Tricked as a Teen by E-Cigarette Marketing

A man from Johnson City, Kansas, filed a lawsuit this week against e-cigarette company Juul alleging that they are guilty of deceptive marketing practices. The plaintiff, who has been using an e-cigarette since he was a teen, says he has suffered respiratory problems, has been exposed to harmful chemicals and is prone to anxiety, as a result of using the product.

Juul Facing Lawsuits in Illinois Over Vaping-Related Illnesses

E-cigarette company Juul is facing a lawsuit after an Illinois teen was hospitalized for a vaping-related illness. The lawsuit was filed by the teen and his mother against Juul Labs Inc. and a Waukegan gas station where the boy bought vaping products. The lawsuit was filed after another lawsuit alleging Juul has used false marketing claims to create a public health crisis. The teen’s lawsuit alleges he fell victim to false marketing efforts that were specifically engineered to target teens.

Purdue Pharma Files for Bankruptcy Amid Opioid Settlement

Purdue Pharma has filed for bankruptcy amid legal issues involving the opioid crisis. On Sunday night, the company filed for bankruptcy in White Plains, New York, days after it announced a tentative settlement with about half the states and 1,000 local governments. Purdue has framed the bankruptcy filing as an opportunity to provide billions in settlement money to curb the opioid crisis it is accused of facilitating.

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