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Springfield Slip and Fall Lawyer

The term slip and fall does not sound that serious. But if you have been the victim of an accident like this, it can have impacts that affect you for the rest of your life. Serious injuries that cause chronic pain can result from even a seemingly minor slip and fall accident.

When the injury was caused by the negligence and irresponsibility of someone else, they should be held responsible. The first thing to do is contact a Springfield slip and fall lawyer about building a case.

Factors of a Settlement

Determining whether or not you have a case depends on a lot of factors. Kentucky law does allow plaintiffs who have been injured in a slip and fall case to pursue a financial settlement from the property owner. Even so, that does not mean every injury will lead to a settlement or that even that every injury entitles the victim to pursue a settlement.

The first thing a Springfield slip and fall lawyer will do after meeting with a potential client for the first time is determine the feasibility of a case. If it is either impossible or unlikely that a case will lead to a settlement, it is better to know early to avoid wasting time and money. If a settlement is a possibility, however, the more time an attorney has to develop a case the stronger it is likely to become.

The amount of a settlement will all depend on the nature of the slip and fall injury. Financial settlements are designed to do several things. First, they compensate the victim for pain, suffering, and costs incurred because of the injury. Second, they are designed to hold property owners responsible if they do not take reasonable steps to keep their property from posing a hazard to others.

How a Lawyer Can Help

It is the job of a slip and fall attorney in Springfield is to represent the plaintiff in court, establish the negligence of the property owner, and argue for the largest financial settlement possible. This reward can be used to cover medical costs, to pay for ongoing care, to cover the burden of lost wages, and to make up for the quality of life that cannot be replaced.

Due to the delicate, unique, and ubiquitous nature of slip and fall accidents, there is a high burden of proof placed on the plaintiff. Establishing that an injury was caused by the negligence of the property owner is a major hurdle. Then, it is necessary to argue that the plaintiff deserves a fair financial reward. It is very difficult for victims to do this on their own, which is why a lawyer is such an asset.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, it is worth your time to seek out a legal expert. It does not matter how major or minor your injuries are what the circumstances of the accident involved. Contact a Springfield slip and fall lawyer at our firm today for a free consultation and in-depth legal guidance.