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Springfield Premises Liability Lawyer

Property owners have numerous rights and freedoms. That does not mean they can do anything and everything they want to their property with complete disregard for the impact it has on the safety of others. If you have been injured while on someone else’s property, you could be entitled to a financial settlement.

To get compensated for your injuries, you will need to use the law to your advantage and build a persuasive case for the courts. Give yourself the best chance for success by working with an experienced Springfield premises liability lawyer.

Examples of Irresponsible Property Owners

Premises liability law applies to properties that the public uses like business, schools, and hospitals. There is a factor of risk in any situation, but property owners must take reasonable steps to ensure that predictable and preventable types of accidents are not a common occurrence.

When they are derelict in that duty and people get injured, a Springfield premises liability attorney can help plaintiffs pursue justice. These are some common types of negligence that frequently lead to injury:

  • Surfaces that are left wet and slippery
  • Pavement that is broken, uneven, or otherwise hard to walk on
  • Merchandise and displays that could topple onto someone in the proximity
  • Equipment like escalators and elevators that are improperly maintained
  • Lighting that is burned out or not adequate to provide necessary illumination
  • Security equipment that is broken or ineffective
  • Signs that are missing or hard to understand
  • Staff that lacks the training and equipment to create a safe environment

These kinds of problems are common, but they are not the only types of issues that can make a premise unsafe for unsuspecting visitors. Following any type of injury at a location outside the home, it is worth taking the time to contact a premises liability lawyer in Springfield.

Why File a Premises Liability Suit

People who are injured often feel embarrassed, partially to blame, and eager to put the incident behind them. That is understandable, but it is not recommended. It is a basic responsibility for property owners to create a safe environment. When they do not, anyone and everyone who visits that property is put at risk.

There are several compelling reasons to work with a Springfield premises liability lawyer and file a suit.

Hold the Guilty Party Responsible

If a property owner is not held responsible for their unsafe actions, there is no motivation there to make changes that prevent future accidents. Filing a suit can help ensure that other people don’t get hurt as well.

Cover Medical Bills

Even a seemingly minor accident can lead to serious injury. Insurance may cover some of these costs, but the injured party still bears an unwanted and undeserved financial burden. A financial settlement can help defray the substantial cost of medical care.

Recoup Lost Wages

The recovery process can be long and arduous, making it impossible for the injured party to work. A premises liability suit can help plaintiffs recover some or all those lost wages so that physical injury is not compounded by financial stress.