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Per vehicle mile traveled, motorcycle riders are 30 times more likely to be killed in an accident than drivers and passengers of other vehicles, according to NHTSA data cited by the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety.  Because of the exposed nature of motorcycles, including their smaller profile and lack of structural support for the riders, motorcycle accidents are far more likely to result in serious injury or death than typical passenger vehicle accidents.

Whether a motorcycle rider or passenger was injured in a collision with a distracted or impaired driver, or  the occupant of a passenger vehicle involved in an accident with a reckless motorcyclist was, chances are high that the outcome includes  serious medical bills and other associated damages.

The surviving family member of someone killed in a motorcycle accident may be struggling to manage grief in the face of medical and funeral expenses accompanied by the loss of income and benefits a loved one provided. Finding a Louisville motorcycle accident attorney can help get the compensation needed to make the fullest physical, emotional, and financial recovery possible following a traumatic accident. To learn more about filing your claim, consult with a Louisville injury lawyer today.

Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle accidents make up only a small percentage of traffic accidents; however, they comprise a much higher percentage of injuries and fatalities.  According to research by the Kentucky Transportation Center of the University of Kentucky, motorcycle crashes accounted for only 1.6 percent of the state’s traffic accidents in 2012; however, they were responsible for 6.2 percent of traffic accident injuries, and 13.4 percent of motor vehicle accident fatalities.

Kentucky State Police report that 1,778 motorcycles were involved in crashes in 2015, accounting for less than one percent of the state’s traffic accidents. Of these accidents, 89 motorcycles were involved in fatality accidents, accounting for more than seven percent of the state’s traffic fatalities that year.

These statistics prove that motorcycle accidents are likely to be more deadly or to cause more serious injuries than typical motor vehicle accidents—a fact which is all too clear to those who have been involved in a motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Among the most serious injuries associated with a motorcycle crash are head trauma, or traumatic brain injury (TBI), and spinal cord injury (SCI). For crash survivors, these catastrophic injuries can cause permanent disability and require a lifetime of medical care beyond the emergency treatment.

These medical expenses are often accompanied by other financial losses, including lost income from missed work during recovery, loss of earning potential if a disabling injury renders a person unable to work, loss of benefits, and more.

Additionally, a person may suffer great physical pain and emotional trauma following a serious accident.

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With the help of an attorney, accident victims and their families may be able to obtain financial compensation from those liable for the injuries, damages, and losses associated with the accident. To learn more, or for a free confidential consultation of your case, contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Louisville today.