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Negotiating a Car Insurance Settlement in Louisville

The negotiation of a car settlement in Louisville is a complex process in regards to determining the true value of a claim. It is a wise decision to enlist the help of an experienced car accident attorney for this very reason, and many others. An experienced car accident lawyer is skilled at evaluating the true value of their client’s current medical bills, future medical bills, wage loss incurred, and the wage loss expected to be involved in the future in order effectively negotiate a car settlement.

Without legal representation, it is almost impossible to estimate these factors. An attorney will also have a better sense of how other variables such as what the amount of past and future pain and suffering would be worth in front of a jury in a specific jurisdiction.

After an Accident

If a person has been injured in an accident, it is important that they get the necessary medical treatment before doing anything else. Once a person has completed all necessary medical procedures, their attorney can collect all of their related medical records, bills, liens, photos, and any other relevant information. The attorney will analyze all of those documents to determine the appropriate value of the claim and submit a demand letter.

After the demand letter has been submitted, the process of negotiation with the insurance company will begin. This involves negotiating with an insurance adjuster about the facts included within the demand package.

Demand Letters

When sending a demand letter, one should have the help of a car accident lawyer. A demand letter includes evidence that establishes liability, demonstrates impact severity, and shows how badly the car was damaged. If there are good photos of the accident scene and of the injuries sustained, they should be included. References and summaries of all the medical treatment received, and the cost of that medical treatment are other factors that an attorney will help with when creating a demand letter.

A Louisville attorney will also understand when negotiating a settlement to include specific details about how the life of their client has changed and how it will be changed in the future. When returning to work, a lawyer will indicate their client’s limitations, and what health implications that they are now susceptible to going forward.

Impact of a Counter-Offer

When handling a counter offer, a lawyer in Louisville will consider how the motor vehicle collision and related injuries affect the life of their client. That again will include the medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, the pain they have endured, the amount of time they missed from work, and what they are going to miss in the future.

They will also consider the likelihood of winning at trial. If the client is in a pain but is liable to a certain degree, they must consider the jury’s opinion. The jury may give the person some of the fault, which could result in the plaintiff not being able to collect damages. The injured person should try to see the case from the jury’s point of view; an attorney can help with that.

End of Negotiations

If the at-fault party admits liability, the at-fault insurance company may call the plaintiff’s attorney and make an offer, however, it will likely be lower than what the case is worth. The lawyer will contact their client, the injured party, and inform them of the offer and what they believe is the true value of the claim. The negotiation of the car settlement will be complete after multiple evaluations have been done by the adjuster and the attorney in order to make sure that the best possible value is obtained for the client’s claim.