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Wrongful Death Lawyers

Choosing a wrongful death attorney can be one of the most important decisions you make when considering any wrongful death claim against a person or entity who recklessly or negligently caused the death of your loved one.

Our firm’s compassionate wrongful death attorneys in Bardstown are experienced in these situations and can offer the best advice while remaining by your side throughout this difficult process.

We have experience working with many families during the most devastating time of their lives. While the outcome of your case can never be guaranteed and no amount of monetary compensation can replace the invaluable relationship you had with your loved one, we will fight passionately to hold the responsible party accountable for their harmful actions and the impacts they have had upon your family.

Common Types of Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death claims stem from a number of circumstances that can cause a person’s death. Any negligent conduct or intentional behavior that resulted in the death of a person could potentially lead to a wrongful death action.

Some of the most common wrongful death cases handled in Bardstown stem from:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Car accidents
  • Large truck accidents
  • Faulty and defective medical devices and implants
  • Dangerous drugs and pharmaceutical errors
  • Non-disclosed medication interactions
  • Birth injuries
  • Workplace accidents
  • Long-term toxin exposure
  • Construction site accidents

Wrongful Death Damages in Kentucky

Wrongful death claims typically seek damages to compensate for the financial losses associated with the unexpected death of a loved one, including funeral expenses, end-of-life medical bills and hospice care, the lost wages from the deceased family member, and possibly the lost wages from family members who may have had to stop working to become caregiver or attend to other matters associated with the death of their loved one.

Damages can also include the loss of future wages, the loss of companionship and family support, counsel and guidance, as well as the mental anguish and emotional trauma the remaining family members are suffering.

Among other factors, the court may take into account the age and general health of the deceased person to estimate original life expectancy, and whether they left behind young children who now must live a significant portion of their lives without one parent.

Unlike some states, Kentucky law does not cap damages for wrongful death actions. In fact, in some cases, judges or juries may even assign punitive damages on top of a compensatory award, in order to send a message to the responsible company that such conduct will not be tolerated by the courts.

Consult a Experienced Attorney in Bardstown

Our compassionate wrongful death lawyers in Bardstown will fight to help you receive justice on behalf of your loved one, regardless of the circumstances that led to your family member’s untimely passing. We understand that during this time of devastating loss, it can be empowering to seek legal action to hold the wrongdoing person or entity accountable for their actions.