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Bardstown Truck Accident Lawyer

The trucking industry is booming right now in Kentucky, and with an increased presence on the roadways in the state, comes a greater possibility of being involved in a serious traffic accident with a large truck, 18-wheeler, or commercial tractor trailer.

If you have been hurt or a loved one has been killed in a traffic collision with a large truck, one of our experienced Bardstown truck accident lawyers can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Call today to discuss your case with an injury attorney and find out what steps you should take to seek recovery.

How an Attorney Can Help

After deciding to pursue a personal injury claim against the trucking company that caused the accident and injuries, it is crucial to work with an experienced Bardstown truck accident attorney who knows the ins and outs of the trucking industry in Kentucky.

There are numerous accident details that an attorney needs to learn about to build the strongest case possible on their client’s behalf, and not every personal injury attorney is familiar with the factors that can make or break a truck accident case.

Bardstown personal injury attorneys have experience working with accident reconstruction consultants, police investigators, doctors, and transportation industry officials to determine the strengths and weaknesses in trucking accident cases.

 Case Evaluation

One of the factors a truck accident attorney in Bardstown will look into includes whether the truck driver had driven for a very long time without a break or without resting for an adequate amount of time.

The trucking industry maintains certain guidelines about the acceptable number of consecutive hours that drivers can spend on the road. In order to determine whether the driver who caused the accident drove for too long, a truck accident lawyer will need to know how to obtain and accurately analyze the driver’s commercial driving log.

He or she will also want to investigate whether the trucking company operated using inappropriate incentives or policies to encourage drivers to drive for too many hours without stopping.

A truck accident lawyer can examine whether or not the trucking company was conducting adequate drug and alcohol screening and random testing, and whether the driver was intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance at the time of the accident. The attorney will also look into how the trucking company makes their hiring decisions, including what driving qualifications they require, as well as the type and adequacy of the training they provide.

In addition, a trucking accident lawyer will look into the condition of the truck at the time of the accident, and whether adequate maintenance checks were conducted and repairs made if necessary. Did the truck adhere to trucking industry weight requirements and restrictions, and was the truck loaded properly and securely? Uneven weight distribution and improper loading of goods on the trailer can lead to accidents, especially rollovers and jackknife accidents.

Consult an Experienced Bardstown Truck Accident Lawyer

All of the above factors are important for your truck collision lawyer to analyze, and he or she will need to begin investigating the circumstances that led to your accident as soon as possible. For this reason, it is important you consult with your experienced Bardstown trucking accident lawyer right away, no matter the details of how the accident took place.