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Bardstown Premises Liability Lawyer

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, the court may find that it is appropriate for the property owner to compensate you for your injuries, especially if the conditions that gave rise to your injuries stemmed from the property owner’s negligent or reckless conduct.

Your Bardstown premises liability lawyer can investigate what led to your accident and whether the property owner is likely to be found liable. For more on the steps you should take or how an experienced injury attorney can help, call today.

Types of Premises Liability Cases

There are numerous kinds of injuries that could occur on another party’s property, though the most common premises liability injuries are slip, trip or fall incidents, with millions of falls occurring each year.

Broken stairs, slippery floors or walkways, and premises that are in disrepair or unreasonably dangerous all fall under premises liability law. Dog bites, falling debris, toxin exposure, parking lot accidents, and assault due to poor security are also examples of situations that could give rise to a premises liability case.

Regardless of the circumstances of an injury, if someone was hurt while on somebody else’s property – whether it was an employer, a friend or family member, or a corporation – an experienced premises liability attorney in Bardstown can help.

Comparative Negligence Doctrine

Kentucky operates under the pure comparative negligence rule. This means that if the injured party is found by the court to be partially, or even mostly at fault in causing or contributing to their own injuries, they may still have a valid personal injury claim against the other responsible party.

In some states, victims who are found to be at fault, even as little as one percent, can be barred entirely from recovering compensation from the other party involved. Fortunately for negligence victims in Kentucky, this standard, called contributory negligence, is not the law in this state.

Benefits of a Lawyer

In order to prevail in a personal injury case, an experienced Bardstown premises liability attorney will need to establish that the property owner was negligent.  The first step is to determine the status of the individual, that is, why they were on the property.

The land owner owes different duties to different people depending on why they were present.  For example, if it’s a store owner, they have a duty to inspect the property and make it safe or warn. On the other hand, no duty is owed to a trespasser.  To properly prepare for the case, an  attorney will need to begin investigating as soon as possible after an accident.

He or she can look into whether the property owner was up to code under the applicable laws, and whether he or she was previously notified of any dangers on their site that needed to be repaired.

No matter how big or small of a role an individual believes they may have played in bringing about the injuries they have suffered on another party’s property, a Bardstown premises liability attorney can evaluate the merits of the claim, and determine whether filing a personal injury premises liability case is the best course of action.