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Bardstown Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident in or around the Bardstown area and suffered injuries or damages, one of our experienced Bardstown car accident lawyers can help you seek the compensation you need. Often the injuries suffered from a car accident can result in extensive medical treatment required, as well as lost time at work, and even therapy to handle the trauma from the accident. A car accident suit with the help of an experienced injury attorney in Bardstown can help to take care of the unexpected bills and other costs you are now facing, including medical bills and lost wages due to missed time at work.

Car Accident Facts in Bardstown

Bardstown, which is located in Nelson County, ranks in the middle of the range of traffic accidents and fatalities throughout the state as a whole. Nelson County has already seen between six to 10 car accident fatalities so far in 2016, with the whole of Kentucky seeing almost 500 fatalities halfway through the year.

In fact, traffic deaths across the state have increased more in 2016 than in the past four years since 2012, according to the Kentucky State police organization which tracks traffic fatalities in the state.

Common Causes of Accidents and Fatalities

There are more types of car accidents than many people realize since no two car accidents or injuries are the same. Motor vehicle crashes that include collisions with large 18-wheeler trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians and other types of non-passenger-car vehicles increase the range even more.

For standard passenger vehicles, some of the most common causes and types of accidents that warrant attention with a car accident attorney in Bardstown include:

  • Head on, side impact, and rear-end collisions
  • Lane departures and run-off-road crashes
  • Drunk-driving and substance abuse accidents
  • Drowsy and distracted driving crashes
  • Weather and road condition-related crashes
  • Aggressive and reckless drivers
  • Excessive speeding

Consult an Experienced Attorney

The sooner you begin working with your experienced Bardstown car accident attorney, the better he or she will be able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of any claim you may have stemming from your car accident.
Kentucky is considered a comparative negligence state, which means that while a victim may have his or her recovery of monetary damages reduced by the percentage of fault he or she bears in causing the accident, the victim’s claim will not be barred completely just because he or she had a hand in causing the accident.

Some states bar the victim from recovering at all if he or she contributed to their own injuries, but this is not the case in Kentucky. However, your car accident lawyer in Bardstown still needs to begin investigating the circumstances surrounding your accident as soon as possible in order to prepare your case for negotiations with the insurers and prepare to proceed to trial, if negotiations are unsuccessful.