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Legal news affects our everyday lives, whether we notice it or not. Here’s a summary of a few of this month’s major cases.

Riddell Helmets Accused of Causing Football Player’s Death

The father of an Ohio man who died after suffering a seizure and then drowning has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of Riddell helmets. The former football player died at the age of 22 and his father is alleging his death was caused by head injuries he sustained while playing football. The lawsuit states that an autopsy showed the former athlete had Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a condition related to head injuries. The lawsuit alleges wrongful death, defect by failure to conform to representation, strict liability for design defect, strict liability for manufacturing defect and defects in warning or instructions.

$2 Billion Verdict in Monsanto Roundup Case

Two billion dollars in punitive damages has been awarded to a California couple in a lawsuit against Monsanto. The lawsuit alleged the plaintiffs’ use of Monsanto Co.’s popular Roundup weed killer caused them to develop cancer. The man and woman used the weed killer for about 30 years for residential landscaping before they were diagnosed with cancer. The Alameda County Superior Court jury deliberated for two days before reaching a verdict in the case.

Supreme Court Will Not Hear Service Member’s Lawsuit Seeking Right to File Malpractice Suit

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a case alleging service members should be allowed to file medical malpractice lawsuits against the Defense Department. On Monday, the high court declined to hear arguments in the case filed in 2015. The lawsuit was filed by a former U.S. Coast Guard officer and challenged an almost 70-year-old legal precedent. The wife of the plaintiff suffered postpartum hemorrhaging and died hours after giving birth to their daughter.

Etsy Faces Lawsuit Over Death of Baby Strangled by Teething Necklace

Online retailer Etsy is facing a lawsuit by the mother of a child who was strangled to death by an item bought from the site. The child was found dead at a daycare center after the teething necklace he was wearing tightened and did not release. The necklace, intended to ease pain for teething babies, was supposed to have a releasing safety clasp that automatically releases. In addition to Etsy, the Lithuanian company that provided the necklace is named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Student Lawsuit Claims “Almost Daily” Bullying and Sexual Abuse

The parents of a former student of Lake Highland Preparatory in Florida have filed a lawsuit alleging their son was frequently bullied and sexually abused. The lawsuit, filed in Orange County Circuit Court on April 15, alleges the boy was bullied, harassed and sexually abused by a fellow student “almost daily.” The school is accused of failing to enforce zero-tolerance policies for bullying and sexual harassment found in its honor code and student handbook. The parents of the alleged bully are also named as defendants.

Conagra Produced Cooking Sprays That Can Explode, Allege Eight Plaintiffs

Conagra is facing lawsuits by eight people who say they were severely burned by explosions triggered by the company’s cooking sprays. According to the plaintiffs, Conagra designed and produced cooking-spray cans that were defective, causing them to explode when placed near heat-producing elements, like stoves. The plaintiffs allege that Conagra failed to warn consumers of the danger. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago on Tuesday morning.

UCLA Doctor Sued For Not Warning Woman Who Died of Liver Failure About Medication

The University of California Board of Regents and a UCLA doctor are named as defendants in a lawsuit filed by the husband of a woman who died of liver failure. The 33-year-old woman died in February after doctors overprescribed a statin. According to the lawsuit, the doctor failed to warn the woman to stop taking the medication if she experienced side effects. The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

West Virginia Hospitals File Lawsuit Against Opioid Makers

Nearly thirty hospitals in West Virginia have filed suit against opioid manufacturers and distributors. According to the lawsuit, the companies’ false marketing practices and unfettered pill shipments led to the opioid crisis. The twenty-seven hospitals say they have incurred enormous health care costs because of the crisis. The lawsuit was filed in Marshall County Circuit Court and names as defendants Purdue Pharma, and the nation’s three largest drug distribution firms — McKesson, AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal Health.

Over 300 Priests, Nuns and Clergy Members Accused of Sexual Misconduct Named in Report

The names of over 300 New Jersey priests, nuns, monks and other clergy accused of sexual misconduct have been released. The report was released on Monday by lawyers representing an alleged victim suing the state’s dioceses. According to the lawsuit, filed by a man who alleges he was sexually victimized by the clergy, New Jersey’s five Catholic dioceses created a “public hazard” by not naming all clergy members accused of sexually abusing children. There are 311 individuals named in the recently-released report.

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