A Louisville premises liability attorney can help a person suffering from a premises liability case is to act quickly, to encourage the client to take photos, to take photos of any improvements that are made after the fact by the person that is at fault, to take photos of his or her injury, and to keep a journal of his or her suffering. An individual has to act quickly in premises liability cases. There are many elements to a Louisville premises liability case.

If an individual is injured as a result of a premises liability case, they should never take fault at the scene of the accident, simply request medical care immediately. Stay calm and leave it at that. Take photos, and do not discuss liability, payment of medical bills, or anything like that.

Premises liability is never an easy case and it will most likely go to litigation. Homeowners, insurance carriers, and business owners are not likely going to admit liability. As such, a person must document what happened and take photos immediately.

Not everyone is responsible just because an individual has gotten hurt at their home or their business. They have to have done something negligent.


With any Lousiville premises liability case, a person can collect similar damages. They are going to be able to collect for past and future medical bills, reasonable, necessary, and costly related medical bills, past and future wage loss, past and future pain and suffering, as well as  impairment of the ability to work or earn money in the future if a person is previously employed, and in certain cases, punitive damages.

Plaintiff Defenses

Most of the time the defendant will attempt to place the blame on the victim. For example, the victim should have kept the proper look out if the item that caused an individual to fall was on the floor. If the item that caused an individual injury was something hanging from a tree or at his or her eye level, they will ask why an individual was not looking straight ahead. They will ask if an individual has had prior falls before and if an individual is prone to falls. They will ask an individual what he or she did to contribute to this particular injury. There is just a myriad of questions that they will ask and it is the slip and fall attorney’s job to prepare for his or her deposition to talk about those things.

Wrongful Death Cases

In a wrongful injury case, typically the plaintiff will be dealing directly with the person that was injured. In a death case, the attorney will be dealing with an individual’s family members and an administrator will have to be appointed to help resolve a case.