It is very difficult for a person to handle a premises liability case on their own because there are a number of different pitfalls that they could succumb to, especially if it involves a city or a county. There are also certain other requirements that need to be met, very short deadlines, and a person will want to preserve evidence as quickly as possible. All of these elements require the need of an experienced attorney to help build a strong Louisville premises liability case.

Factors Needed to Build a Strong Case

First and foremost, if an individual is able to prove that there was something that they slipped on, they may have a strong premises liability case. The individual should take photos of anything that they slip on or fall on in order to document what was on the floor. This is to confirm that there was an item on the floor that should not have been there that caused a fall. Secondly, for trip and fall, it is important to note if someone has taken photos of the uneven sidewalk, notified the city, the county, or called the homeowner.

If the injuries were the result of a dog bite, an individual should note the breed. The three most dangerous breeds are Akitas, Chows, and Pitbulls. This is important to note because the more dangerous the breed is, the stronger the liability. An individual should also note whether the dog has bitten before. This is not required in Louisville, but that is always relevant and lets an individual build a stronger Louisville premises liability case. There are a lot of issues that make a strong premises liability case in terms of liability. Damages will also need to be considered, as the stronger the damage is, the stronger the case may be.

Important Liability Information

An attorney will need to know a lot of different information in regards to a Louisville premises liability case in order to make it a strong case. The most common questions they will ask include:

  • Was the individual was invited to be on the property?
  • Was this a piece of personal property, a business property, or a city or government property?
  • What is the extent of injuries?
  • What did a person fall in?
  • What caused the fall?
  • What caused the injury?
  • Did a person take photographs?
  • Where did this happen?

In addition to all the photos and documents that a person is going to want to bring to meet with the attorney, the attorney is going to be asking about the type of injuries a person sustained, what they were doing before, where they going, what they were thinking about, where they were looking, exactly what caused them to be hurt, who the witnesses are, and what their names, addresses, and phone numbers are so that they can contact them.

The attorney is going to want to collect as much information as possible because the attorney will want all the necessary information to build a strong Louisville premises liability case.

Importance of a Knowledgeable Attorney

A lot of personal injury attorneys handle car accident cases and premises liability cases, as well as medical negligence cases and other more complex cases. However, a person will want to make sure they get a premises liability attorney that has experience in the field, and a history of building strong Louisville premises liability cases.

An individual will want an attorney who knows the most recent changes in the premises liability law, and knows the difference between dog bite laws, slip and fall laws, and business owners liability. It is crucial to get an attorney that does enough of these cases to be on top of the most present law.

There is often a misunderstanding that if an individual gets hurt in someone’s home or business, they are automatically at fault. In fact, that individual has to prove that the owner of the property did something negligent. An experienced lawyer can help an individual determine the specifics of their case in order to craft the strongest Louisville premises liability case they can.