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Making a New Year’s resolution is a great thing to do but all too often they’re abandoned before Valentine’s Day. Anyone who makes a resolution does it with the best of intentions, so why do they fail? Many people don’t put the necessary thought into their goal for a better life. We’ve gathered up a few tips to help take out some of the thinking and help you plan how to keep your resolution!

First: Start Small

The holiday season leaves us feeling bloated and broke, encouraging countless people to promise themselves they’re going to lose weight or work on saving more money. Both of these are great resolutions but they need to be broken down into smaller goals.

Instead of trying to fit in gym time every day of the week, start by scheduling just three days a week and gradually work yourself up. Trying to save money? Set a weekly and monthly goal. Once you’re comfortable with putting away that money plan to increase the amount every few months; you will have a good chunk saved before you know it!

Keeping your goals small ensures you won’t feel overwhelmed by your resolution.

Second: Change One Thing at a Time

If you’ve vowed to get healthier this year, start by drinking more water or limiting yourself to one dessert a week. Doing a full 180 in one day can make your resolution seem like an overwhelming chore instead of a promise to better yourself.

Third: Hold Yourself Accountable

It’s so easy to abandon a goal if you’ve only thought about it. Talk about your resolution; tell your friends and family about how you’re going to make your life better. Consider joining a group of people that have the same goals in mind. Having the same resolution as a group of people can help all of you to stay on track.

Lastly: Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Making the decision to become your best self deserves a high five all on its own. Missteps are normal, and nearly unavoidable. Don’t completely abandon working out simply because you missed a few days. Remember the steps you have made and the goal you wish to attain. In the end it will all be worth it!

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