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Legal news affects our everyday lives, whether we notice it or not. Here’s a summary of a few of this month’s major cases.

Virtual Jury Selection Leads to Mistrial Motion

Potential jurors were seen curled up in bed, exercising, and leaving the room during virtual jury selection for asbestos trial. Lead Counsel for Fryer-Knowles Inc. filed a motion for mistrial as the process was “riddled with various problems.” This is one of the first asbestos cases in the nation set for jury trial and it is planned that jurors will sit six feet apart with masks on.

Governor Sues Over Mask Mandate

Brian Kemp, Governor of Georgia has filed a lawsuit seeking to block a mask mandate by the city of Atlanta. He claims this contradicts his announcement encouraging but not requiring people to wear masks.

Bayer AG Agrees to Delay Part of Roundup Settlement

Bayer AG is delaying part of a proposed settlement regarding cancer claims over its weed killer Roundup. A U.S. judge has recently questioned the company’s plan to deal with future claims. The German-based company is seeking to end a number of lawsuits it inherited when it took over Monsanto in 2018. Bayer is expected to eventually spend close to $11 billion to settle nearly 100,000 lawsuits related to Roundup. “Bayer remains strongly committed to a resolution that simultaneously addresses both the current litigation on reasonable terms and a viable solution to manage and resolve potential future litigation,” noted a statement from the company.

Pittsburgh Protestors File Class Claims Against City Police for Excessive Force

Class claims were filed in federal court in the Western District of Pennsylvania against the City of Pittsburgh and multiple other city officials, including Pittsburgh mayor William Peduto, by a group of protestors who alleged that Pittsburgh police responded to a peaceful protest with undue aggression. The suit alleges that on June 1, 2020, people from the city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities assembled in the city’s East Liberty neighborhood to protest for equality and justice. However, soon after the peaceful protest began, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police sent hundreds of police officers to counter the approximately 150 protestors, thus escalating the situation from peaceful to violent.

Suit Filed to Halt In-Person Court Appearances

Six public defender groups in New York City filed suit to halt resumption of in-person court appearances for nonemergency criminal matters. The suit alleges that resuming in-person appearances is a violation of laws protecting people with disabilities as some disabilities may put people at higher risk if they contract COVID19.

Class Claims Filed Against Whole Foods Over Vanilla Coconut Milk Flavoring

Class claims were filed against upscale grocery giant, Whole Foods Market Group, in federal court in the Southern District of New York, alleging that the grocery chain intentionally misled customers as to the true ingredients of its Unsweetened Organic Vanilla Coconut Milk beverage.

Pennsylvania Nursing Home Tied to 80 COVID Deaths Faces First Lawsuit

Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center is named as defendant in the lawsuit filed by the families of several individuals who died of COVID-19. The complaint was filed in Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas and alleges the facility failed repeatedly to protect workers, residents and visitors from infection, sickness and death.


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