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Understanding that it’s no longer in your loved one’s best interest to be at home is a tough but significant realization to come to. Even when it is wise you may feel some guilt for sending them to a care facility but if you choose the right place it will change your loved one’s life for the better.


The first step in determining the proper facility should start with budget. Quality long term care may come at a steep price so crunch the numbers, determine how much will be available from social security, retirement funds, VA benefits and any family contributions.

Get your loved one involved in the process

Don’t leave them out of the loop. In order to make the transition easier, keep your loved one involved in the research and decision-making process. Keep their preferences in mind to ensure they feel comfortable in their new living situation. Is there a certain area they would like to be close to? Any must have services or amenities?

Do your research

Understand the difference between types of senior care such as assisted living, nursing home and in-home care. Once you have established the type of care needed your search will be greatly narrowed.

Once you have narrowed your list by care type and budget, check for any amenities such as quality of dining and activities.

Go for a visit. Online photos and glossy brochures can make any place look great which makes it vital to actually go for a visit. Take a look at the dining area, outside spaces and the rooms themselves. Talk with the staff and maybe even a few residents, you can learn a lot from the attitude of the people spending their time at the facility.

Lastly, read plenty of reviews and ask around. The best information often comes from those that have experienced thing firsthand.


After you’ve done all of your research, took a tour and weighed your options it’s time to make a decision.

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