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Legal news affects our everyday lives, whether we notice it or not. Here’s a summary of a few of this month’s major cases.

Experts Expect Cancer Lawsuits Tied to Zantac Recalls

Experts are expecting an explosion of Zantac cancer lawsuits in the wake of a number of recalls of the heartburn medication. Sanofi, the manufacturer of Zantac and a collection of pharmacies that distribute the drug, have issued recalls due to trace amounts of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in the product. Health officials say NDMA is linked to cancers of the digestive system, including the bladder, esophagus, stomach, and kidneys, as well as testicular and uterine cancers.

Nearly 60 Cancer Patients File Lawsuits Against DuPont

New lawsuits filed against DuPont allege the company’s release of chemicals has led around 60 people to develop testicular and kidney cancers. The company is accused of discharging toxic chemicals known as PFAS — perperfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances — into the water, causing the plaintiffs to develop cancer. In the settlement of an earlier lawsuit, thousands of people were awarded millions of dollars from DuPont over drinking water contamination. These new lawsuits are all playing out in a federal courtroom in Columbus, Ohio.

Sunbeam Products Facing Lawsuit Over Woman’s Pressure Cooker Injuries

A lawsuit has been filed against Sunbeam Products, Inc. and Newell Brands, Inc. on behalf of a woman injured by an exploding Crock Pot Electric Pressure Cooker. The complaint was filed on January 31 in the Circuit Court in and for Palm Beach County, Florida. The woman alleges she was using the pressure cooker according to its instructions when it suddenly and without warning exploded boiling hot contents on her, causing severe injuries. The lawsuit contends the device’s safety features failed to work properly.

More E-Scooters Mean More Injuries – And Lawsuits

With the prevalence of e-scooters comes more head injuries – and more lawsuits. One 27-year-old Florida woman suffered a fractured skull after colliding with a car at an intersection and now remains in a vegetative state. A lawsuit has been filed on her behalf against Neutron Holdings, also known as Lime. Her family is warning people about the dangers of riding e-scooters and says that the companies who rent them are not being clear about where to ride the scooters.

Uber Cites ‘Terms and Conditions’ in Philadelphia Crash Lawsuit

A Philadelphia woman has filed suit against Uber after suffering a spine injury when her ride-share driver ran a red light. The plaintiff suffered a fracture to her spine, concussion and traumatic brain injury. Uber has cited its “terms and conditions” and said the woman had already forfeited her right to a jury. However, a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge has ruled that Uber cannot prove the plaintiff read the terms and conditions and, therefore, cannot force the case into arbitration.

Missouri Trial Postponed While Bayer Looks to Settle Roundup Case

A Missouri jury trial in a lawsuit over the alleged health risks associated with Bayer’s weed killer Roundup has been postponed due to settlement talks. The lawsuit was filed in Missouri and alleged Roundup causes cancer. Three consecutive juries in other similar lawsuits round Bayer liable for causing cancer, resulting in tens of millions of dollars awarded to plaintiffs.


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