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Each year, more than 11 million senior citizens suffer a fall, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons but slip and falls aren’t limited to the elderly.

While you can’t control all of your surroundings there are a few simple things you can do to prevent falls both in and out of your home.

In Home Fall Prevention

Keep it Light

This applies to decluttering and keep your house well lit. The easiest methods to preventing a fall in your home is to keep it free of clutter and tripping hazards, especially on stairs and in narrow hallways. Having a well-lit home will also prevent falls by increasing visibility. Installing brighter light bulbs and night lights are simple ways to properly light your house.

Dress Smart

Avoid wearing overly baggy clothing. Dressing comfortably at home is great but avoid hemlines that puddle on the floor or drag the ground as it may increase your risk of tripping or falling. Dressing to avoid falls also includes wearing shoes with good grip.

Move Carefully

Take your time getting from place to place. It may also be helpful to pause after transitioning from lying down to sitting or standing and from sitting to standing. This will avoid any blood pressure rushes that could disorient you and lead to a fall.

Install safety features

Grab bars and hand rails can be critical for climbing stairs, getting on and off the toilet and using the bathtub without injury. Nonslip mats in areas around your bathroom, kitchen, and porch will also help prevent falls.

Preventing Falls Outside the Home

Many of the above tips also apply to preventing falls outside of your home. Wearing the right shoes and taking your time are extremely helpful in preventing falls both in and out of the home.

Staying aware and assessing the surfaces around you can also serve as prevention methods. Before stepping into a new area take a moment to evaluate the surface. Highly polished or wet floors can be particularly slippery. Also, be careful when stepping down from a curb, check its height to be sure you’re not caught by surprise.


Falls can happen any place at any time but with the proper precautions your risk can be diminished.


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