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5.8 Million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease and while many people know that it affects your memory many don’t know the warning signs of the disease.

Below are the seven most important signs pointing to Alzheimer’s.

  • Memory loss
    • People with Alzheimer’s generally remember things from years ago but have issue with remembering recent things like what they did the previous day.
  • Challenges in planning or solving problems
    • Working with numbers or concentrating may be harder than they once were. This can also make simple tasks more difficult, like driving to a familiar location or remembering the rules of a game. While having trouble with these tasks may be a sign of Alzheimer’s don’t fret if a loved one is having issues recording a tv show or figuring out a microwave, some of these issues can be expected with age.
  • Changes in vision
    • This might include difficulty judging distance or determining colors.
  • Changes in speech
    • Typical words and phrases may be harder to find for people developing this disease.
  • Misplacing things
    • Unlike many elderly people that lose things, people with Alzheimer’s can’t retrace their steps to find them. They often put objects in unusual places and may even accuse others of stealing
  • Withdrawal
    • As a result of memory loss and difficulty problem solving many people remove themselves from hobbies, work or social activities.
  • Changes in mood or personality
    • While many elderly people can become agitated if their routine is disrupted, people with Alzheimer’s may easily become confused, suspicious, depressed, or other emotions that wouldn’t be normal for them.

Don’t ignore the early signs of Alzheimer’s because early detection matters.

Getting checked by a doctor can determine if the symptoms are in fact caused by Alzheimer’s or if something else is going on. It can also broaden treatment options, present the opportunity for clinical trials, and give people developing Alzheimer’s a chance to focus on their health in an effort to slow the disease.

If Alzheimer’s is affecting you or someone you love there are many networks of support. Visit for more resources.

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