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child health day

Living a healthy lifestyle is an everyday effort but sometimes we need a national observance day as a quick reminder. Use national Child Health Day as a time to reflect on how you’re keeping your child healthy and following these tips to further improve their health.

Eat Well

We all need to eat adequate amounts of fruits, vegetables, and protein in order to stay healthy but it’s even more important for growing children.

Food GroupServings per DayPortion Size for Ages 1-3Portion Size for Ages


Portion Size for Ages


Fruits2-3 servings¼ cup¼ cup1/3 cup or

1 fresh piece

Vegetables2-3 servings¼ cup cooked¼ cup cooked or ½ cup salad½ cup cooked of

1 cup salad

Protein2 servings1 oz meat

¼ cup cooked beans

½ egg

1 oz meat

1/3 cup cooked beans

1 egg

2-3 oz meat

½ cup cooked beans

1-2 eggs

Dairy2-3 servings½ cup milk

½ oz cheese

1/3 cup yogurt

½ cup milk

1 oz cheese

½ cup yogurt

1 cup milk

1 oz cheese

¾ cup yogurt

Grains6 servings½ sliced bread

¼ cup cooked rice or pasta

2-3 crackers

½ sliced bread

1/3 cup cooked rice or pasta

3-4 crackers

1 slice bread

½ cup cooked rice or pasta

4-5 crackers


If you’re having trouble getting your child to eat foods that fuel their body, try making mealtimes fun or adding in 100% fruit juice.

Stay Active

It seems like kids usually have boundless amounts of energy, let them use that energy to keep their body’s healthy! Whether it’s a family game of soccer in the backyard or encouraging movement with simple household chores, it’s vital that everyone stays active.

Annual Checkups

Regular checkups with a family doctor and a dentist can help find problems in their early stages and even prevent them before they occur. An annual physical with a primary care physician will check your child’s vision, hearing, vital signs, and growth measurements.

Think Positive

Along with your child’s physical health, it’s also important to nurture they mental health. Encourage your child to stay positive by giving them a positive example to follow.


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