Vaping May Increase Risk of Severe Coronavirus Symptoms


Our news stations and conversations are filled with information on the coronavirus pandemic. By now most of us know the basics but have you thought about how those facts may apply to your lifestyle and well being? Coronavirus or more specifically, COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that travels through your respiratory tract via ACE2 receptors […]

Caring for Your Mental Health

mental health anxiety stress depression

Changes to our everyday routines paired with uncertainty and the health of yourself as well as your loved ones has created anxiety for many people. Here are a few tips to help you cope. Stick to a routine Just because you aren’t reporting to the office or your children aren’t going to school, that doesn’t […]

Spring Cleaning – Benefits & Basics

cleaning woman folding sheet

Spring is here and the sun is shining which means you’re probably seeing dirt in your house that you didn’t realize was there. After months of being cooped up during Kentucky’s wet winter our homes are bound to be filled with unwanted dirt and bacteria. While cleaning usually ranks pretty low on everyone’s list of […]

COVID-19 Resources


Changes are being made to our lives every day in response to the coronavirus pandemic. With shutdowns and suggested quarantines people are searching for answers and assistance. Updates on these changes are being made to KyCovid19.Ky.Gov each day, in addition to the governors live address on Facebook at 5pm daily. A COVID-19 hotline has also […]

Stopping the Spread of Coronavirus

virus germs

As of March 12, over 1,400 people across the United States have tested positive for coronavirus with thousands more across the globe. COVID-19, also known as coronavirus is a mew respiratory illness that began in China at the start of 2020. Because this is a new virus the complete clinical picture is unknown, but information […]

Bleeding Disorders

bleeding disorder health

Bleeding Disorders are a group of conditions that affects the way your blood should normally clot. While most bleeding disorders are inherited they can rarely develop later in life when your body develops an excess of antibodies that then fight against the blood’s natural clotting factors. Signs & Symptoms Common signs of bleeding disorders include […]

Know the Signs: Elder Abuse

elderly old woman nursing home abuse

Elder abuse is an intentional or knowing act, or failure to act by a caregiver or another person that causes harm or serious risk to a vulnerable elder person, age 60 or older. According to the National Council on Aging, approx. 1 in 10 Americans aged 60+ have experienced some form of elder abuse. However, […]

JUUL: The Devil in Disguise

juulk vape ecig

It has been said that the devil likes to hide behind a cross.  Marketed as being born out of an altruistic motive to help switch people off of cigarettes, JUUL Lab’s has found itself under fire for some of its marketing claims; namely that “Juuling” is safer than smoking cigarettes.  In a warning letter authored […]

December ’19 Recall Update

At McCoy, Hiestand & Smith we value the health and safety of everyone in our community. Sometimes regardless of how careful we are the products we buy aren’t as safe as we had hoped. Products are recalled every day and it’s important to stay up to date on those recalls in order to keep you […]

Physical Therapy After an Accident

injury physical therapy

Motor vehicle accidents often result in neck or back injuries that can be severe or life altering. With many neck, back, or brain injuries, physical therapy is crucial to healing. What Injuries Need Physical Therapy? Neck Injuries Whiplash is the most common type of injury associated with car accidents as it can be the result […]