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The Kentucky State Legislature is again trying to limit Kentuckians access to the Courthouse. The State Senate has passed a bill which would require nursing home and medical negligence claims to first go before a panel of doctors before injured people could file a claim for damages. This panel system would not be a final resolution of anyone’s claims, and would significantly lengthen the time it takes a person to get before a jury.

Currently, Nursing Home and Medical Negligence cases take several years to get in front of the jury. Now, innocent injured victims would have to spend more money and face tremendous delay before they even got in front of a judge.

The question is this: Why do Kentucky lawmakers believe it is fair for injured patients to spend more money and time to get to the courthouse when they have neither?

The answer is that Big Insurance has a lot more money and political power than your average Kentuckian. It’s time to stop Big Insurance from using our lawmakers as their political puppets, and high time to help injured patients get their day in court!

-Sheila Hiestand

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